The only way to improve is to accept the failure

After finishing my secondary studies, I started a balechor’s degree in Industrial engineering but, after two years, I gave it up because it didn’t excite me. I decided to give an opportunity to the hobby I had been enjoying for seven years and studied an advanced degree in advertising design. Since then, I’ve been working in branding, web design, advertising…

“Curiosity did not kill the cat, it made it wiser.”


A year and a half ago I started to get interested in the user experience and interface design (UX / UI). However, my beginnings weren’t easy. I came from a very visual field and it was hard to understand that, regardless of how ingenious and attractive some ideas were, they didn’t work properly. But, little by little, I understood that the actual goal was to help the user and I liked that. Along with branding, those two will be my main objectives.

Me working on a laptop
Photo courtesy of the Els Fotógrafs.

Work experience

Factorial HR
Product designer
Extrema Multimedia S.L.
Product designer
Multidisciplinary graphic designer
Grupo ADI
Graphic designer


Winner of the contest “Pixartprinting needs a thrill” for the best branding identity proposal.
Representative in the “III jornada d’Art i Disseny, l’escola a l’empresa”.
Winner of the poster contest of the Festa Major de les Corts (Barcelona).
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A few months ago, I embarked on a new adventure in the social media. My change of mind encouraged me to share my work, discuss it with other designers and help those who need it. After all, teaching something doesn’t involve a competition. As Austin Kleon quotes in his book Show your work:

“ The impulse to keep to yourself what you have learned is not only shameful, it is destructive. Anything you do not give freely and abundantly becomes lost to you.”

— Annie Dillard

Everything we know we’ve learned thanks to someone. Whether it’s an article, a video, a conference or a class, someone decided to spread his knowledge to the world and, therefore, we must keep sharing it.

Recommended books

During the last years, I’ve read and learned a lot from books. In order to thank those authors for their teachings, I want to share some of their books here:

  • Steal like an artist – Austin Kleon. If you are an artist or a designer and you haven’t read this book yet, it’s time. Steal like an artist will make you see things differently and will give you very useful tips on how to be more creative, efficient and even, a better person.

Some of the books that have taught me most: Steal like an artist, Show your work, Type Matters, Don’t make me think and HTML and CSS: design and build websites
  • Show your work – Austin Kleon. If you like Austin’s writing this book will help you to show yourself to the world. Regardless, if you haven’t read Steal like an artist yet, I recommend you to start with that one.

  • Don’t make me think – Steve Krug. This is, no doubt, my favourite book. With it, you will learn what the user experience is and why it’s so important. Although it has almost 200 pages, it’s a very entertaining and interesting book. You won’t regret reading it.

  • Twenty‑two tips on typography – Enric Jardí. Enric won’t just show you how you must use typography; he’ll also teach you things you should never do. With only 70 pages, I can say that this has been the reading which I’ve learned most from. If you are a little bit lost in this field ―like I was in the past―, this is your book.

  • Type Matters – Jim Williams. Even though this book didn’t teach me a lot, I don’t regret buying it. It’s a perfect guide for typography that includes different aspects and comes with very visual examples. If you have never read anything about typography or you are looking for a guide to bring with you everywhere, this is what you need.

Five things about me

Novak Djokovic trying to hit a cricket ball


1.I’ve been playing tennis since I was nine, and I’ve trained kids and adults for three years.

Army command failing a stun grenade during a workout and stumbling when entering through a door


2.I love video games, especially shooters.

George R. R. Martin during an interview


3.A few years ago I discovered my weakness for fantastic literature and, since then, my bookcase has been filled with lots of books.

Scene of the film Ratatouille, where Remy throws some herbs to Alfredo Linguini's stew


4.I love cooking with my girlfriend. We cook a new recipe every weekend.

de la serie Como conocí a vuestra madre, donde Barney y Marshall chocan los cinco


5.I’m a person who prefers taking a few beers than partying. I hate nightclubs.