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Pixartprinting was founded in 1994 as an online printing company. With different offices throughout Europe and with more than 250 500 clients, it has established itself as one of the leaders in the online printing service.

In June of 2016, Pixartprinting released, through Zooppa, an open contest in order to renew its corporate identity: “Pixartprinting needs a thrill”. The winning project was supposed to receive a prize of 5000 Euros and the possibility to collaborate in the development of the project.

Pixartprinting logo animation
Animation for the presentation of Pixartprinting made by Valian.

First steps

The contest rules gave me all the necessary information for the redesign. As a main point, I highlighted the idea of reflecting the communication values of the company by specifically addressing the designers.

Bocetos de las primeras propuestas de logo de Pixartprinting

For the final redesign, I worked with four concepts. Each one of them aimed to reflect the functions of the company as well as its values, thus achieving a distinctive and unique icon.

Sketches of the first Pixartprinting logo proposals


For its construction I used a 3x6 grid where each of the elements filled three spaces leaving aside its ascenders —in the case of the wordmark— and the descender —in the case of the icon. This way, I established a good balance between the elements.

Pixartprinting logo construction animation
Pixartprinting factory
Printing area in Pixartprinting.


For the wordmark and the different purposes of the brand, I chose Campton Sans Serif, a perfect typeface for print and digital format. However, I had to modify certain parts of it for a better structure.

Pixartprinting wordmark with the changes in its descendersPixartprinting wordmark with the changes in the letter RPixartprinting wordmark with the central partitionPixartprinting wordmark with the rounded dots and the subsequent elimination from the crossbar of the letter T

Length of the descenders.

Width of the ear reduced to fit the crossbar.

Central partition to compress the text.

Square point and subsequent elimination of the crossbar.

In the structure we can highlight the central partition, which aims to slightly separate the two words and compress a text that could be too extensive.

Original typography over the modified one with the changes mentioned above
Blue: 243pt Campton Semibold original with a tracking of ‑60.
Red: 243pt Campton Semibold modified with an adjusted tracking and the changes mentioned.


When choosing the color of the brand, I decided to stick to the CMYK color system. After a brief research, I chose yellow, a distinctive color with almost no use in and out of the sector. In addition, it perfectly embodies the creativity of the designers and the motivational values of Pixartprinting.

Pantone P4-8C
Pantonce C Process

The goal

My goal in this project was to improve my skills as a designer. Once finished, I was deeply satisfied with the result.

Pixartprinting manual
Cover of the brand guidelines.

“ … it could be said that we are in front of a beautiful and functional brand with really interesting concepts that support it. ”

That was my conclusion to a project that, two months later, would end up being the winner of the contest. I never thought I could win it so, when they notified me about the result, it was a big surprise.

Your project “We Print, you create” showed great consistency with our company’s values, from ideation, to execution to final use and applications. […]

We indeed appreciated your accurate work on typography through which, even starting from a commercial type, the logo results unique and recognizable.

Pixartprinting team
www.pixartprinting.euPixartprinting logo

Good typographic work and perfectly equalized, […]. Regarding the graphic part we think that it has also been solved with intelligence, without getting into gardens that are difficult to leave, not falling into unsustainable fashions and understanding perfectly what a brand is and what it must have to last another 20 years without redesigning it.

www.sleepydays.esSleepydays logo

If you want to know more about this project, you have the brand guidelines available in the link below.

View guidelines