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I have always considered myself a video games lover. I played my first console when I was a kid ―a Nintendo NES― and, since then, I have played all kinds of online video games such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Call of Duty and Counter‑Strike: Global Offensive.

At the end of 2014, I was finishing my advanced degree in advertising design. My project was going to be Ventus, an electronic sports club (e‑Sports), dedicated to the training of players and teams for the major league.

Presentation video. Animation made by Valian.

The sector

When I presented the project for the first time, despite being an emerging phenomenon, e‑Sports wasn’t that popular. However, today, almost everyone knows about them. They appear on sports programs, news, magazines…

Infographics of the number of viewers worldwide in 2017

“E‑Sports is not only growing exponentially as a new independent business and industry, they are also accelerating the convergence of various established industries.”

— Peter Warman

Being the fastest growing sport in the world, there are many brands that decide to invest in it. Seeing the benefits it brings every year, it’s not uncommon to see brands like Coca‑Cola, Audi or Intel, sponsoring different events and teams.

Infographics of the revenue number from 2014 to 2018
Market revenue worldwide in millions of dollars.

The theme

With the main goal of seducing future investors and fans, I chose the theme of the wind and the name of Ventus ―‘wind’ in Latin. It was not about getting a memorable graphic, but rather a visually appealing brand.

After the first sketches, I realized that it was very difficult to graphically represent wind. For this reason, I added a second element that was more attractive and easy to represent: the eagle.

Panoramic of the main stage and the stands
Photo courtesy of Riot Games. League of Legends World Championship Final of 2017 in the National Stadium of Beijing (China).


From the beginning, I was sure that the brand should be composed of a single image, an icon, and an inseparable wordmark. To achieve this, I created each element separately, on the one hand, the Ventus eagle and, on the other, the wordmark. Once finished, I combined them to create the logo.

Ventus logo

“Could you imagine a world where video games were a sport? Where millions of viewers gather in front of a screen? Where teams and players compete for million euro prizes? Well, that world has arrived.”

— Jonathan Centeno


For the color palette, I used a color range similar to the colors of the eagles. I used gray as the main color for the body of Ventus, orange ―present in the beak and talons of the eagles―, as a secondary color to highlight the logo, and black, to outline different elements.

Pantone 1375 C
Pantone 7540 CP

Web design and development

For the website, I used WordPress as a content management system. This way, I could create a totally personalized and easy website. As for the design, it followed the same aesthetic as the rest of graphic elements, using black as the background and orange to highlight links and other elements.

Ventus home page design


In 2016, Ventus was selected to represent my design schoolEscola Groc― in the “III Jornada d’Art i Disseny, l’escola a l’empresa”. I have to say it was a very rewarding experience. I felt so proud to present the electronic sports and my project to more people.

Ventus roll-up